Knowing the minimum revenue guarantee you need to be successful is a critical component of any good financial plan. Using reliable tools to help you find and capture that minimum price is what secures the future of your family and farm. MPCI policies alone have struggled recently to provide enough protection to assure success for your operation. ARMtech's RPowerD supplemental insurance policy can help.  


Revenue Power Guides

The periodic Revenue Power Guide newsletters help agents and producers apply the RPowerD product to the current realities of the marketplace.

01/31/19 - For the Special 90-day Alternative Price Discovery Available edition, click here.
02/07/19 - For the Estimate MP Premium Credit - Compare RP 65%-85% Coverages edition, click here.
02/19/19 - For the Revenue Uncertainty Tamed. Opportunity Unleashed edition, click here.
02/27/19 - For the Agent eVantage Quick Maps made even better, easier and faster! edition, click here.
02/28/19 - For the Don't Miss a Growing Season Rally to Elevate Minimum Revenue edition, click here.
03/05/19 - For the Use Market Price Opt-in to Capture Rallies Over Projected Price edition, click here.
03/07/19 - For the Value Priced RPowerD Strategies for Upside Opportunity edition, click here.
03/19/19 - For the Sales Closing Date is April 1st - Not Too Late for Upside Opportunity edition, click here.
05/17/19 - For the Minimum Revenue Opportunity for 2020 Corn edition, click here.
05/29/19 - For the 2019 Corn Rally Opens Up 2020 Corn Opportunity edition, click here.
05/31/19 - For the Now is the time to set Minimum Revenue for 2020 edition, click here.
06/11/19 - For the Alternative Price Discovery Periods Win the Day edition, click here.
06/18/19 - For the Soybean Prices Rally into Minimum Revenue Goals edition, click here.
06/25/19 - For the Stressed Producers are Looking for a Plan edition, click here.
06/27/19 - For the RPowerD - RPowerD's Time to Shine edition, click here.
07/02/19 - For the Look-Back Feature of RPowerD Market Price Opt-in edition, click here.
07/16/19 - For the Quick Maps are the Fast and Easy Way to Show Value edition, click here.
07/25/19 - For the 2020 Crop Budgets and RPowerDPrice Targets edition, click here.

01/27/20 - For the Get 19 10-day Alternative Price Discovery Periods for less! edition, click here.