field of corn blowing in the wind at night.
Production Cost Insurance (PCI)

Farming is a high risk business, and often volatile price movements in seed, chemical, fertilizer, and commodities make it difficult to predict farm revenue from year to year. PCI alleviates these concerns by providing a predictable annual revenue stream above defined, direct input costs.

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Soybeans after they’ve been harvested and shelled.
PCI Complete

PCI Complete is an endorsement to a Production Cost Insurance plan, which works in tandem with a farmer's underlying MPCI coverage to provide a complete range of gross margin protection. With PCI Complete, producers receive a premium discount.  In addition, regardless of actual MPCI coverage, the PCI Complete indemnity will be reduced by the amount of indemnity which would be due under a simulated Revenue Protection policy with enterprise units and a coverage level of 75%.

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Customer shaking hands with ARMtech Marketing Representative.
PCI Testimonial

Mark Bryant is a corn, soybean, and wheat grower from Southwest Ohio who is entering his third year of PCI coverage—and he’s never felt more secure in his farm’s financial future or happier with his agronomic decisions. Mark's story explains why PCI is a product unlike any other.

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