Manage Precision Ag Data with Extraordinary AgriNet Tools.

Precision agriculture is quickly becoming an important management tool for many farmers; it can increase yields, help with record keeping, and enhance strategic planning. As the technology improves and its popularity grows, AgriSompo North America is dedicated to providing the best precision agriculture experience available. 

An easier process.

Utilizing precision agriculture for crop insurance reporting lets your insureds add another useful tool that allows them to manage their operation efficiently at the field level. By using precision farming equipment in tandem with AgriSompo North America's mapping software, an insured can streamline the reporting process.

With precision agriculture, filling out an acreage report by hand is unnecessary as information flows seamlessly from precision farming equipment, to the agent, into AgriNet, and onto a final report, requiring only a review and signature from the insured.

Seamless AgriNet Integration.

AgriNet Precision Agriculture has the ability to import data from all precision ag collection platforms on today’s market. No matter what brand of equipment a producer owns, the raw data can be imported electronically and instantly incorporated into AgriNet Mapping.

To help with the precision ag reporting process, AgriSompo North America provides you with exceptional mapping tools. With our newest iteration of the AgriNet Mapping system, you can quickly identify your imported Precision Ag fields, and report them with our built-in, easy-to-use PA Reporting Tool.