Widely regarded as the most complete and accurate crop insurance software package available, ARMtech's AgriNet® program sets the standard for the industry. Fully integrating every aspect of the policy workflow from quoting to mapping to claims, AgriNet allows our agents to quickly and easily service policies.


Tablet that shows interface for AgriNet Quoting system.
AgriNet Quoting

Our fully customizable AgriNet Quoting system pre-populates fields from the policy, making tailor-made quotes easy and fast to produce.

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Keyboard with “sign” button to represent ability to view, complete, and sign documents from a computer.
AgriSign Digital Signature

Available through the Policy Holder Access (PHA) website, AgriSign™ allows producers to view, complete, and sign documents from their computer.

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Aerial map that shows acreage information for individual policies.
Integrated Mapping

Field-level reporting has never been easier. AgriNet Mapping is fully integrated with policy data, so agents key acreage information only once per policy. 

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Pen drawing a map to represent our precision agriculture capabilities during planting and harvesting.
Precision Agriculture

Using precision farming equipment in tandem with AgriNet software, producers can accurately report planting and harvesting activities.

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ARMtech Mobile Apps

ARMtech, the leader in mobile ag solutions, has taken mobile applications to the next level, giving agents and producers the ability to manage business on the go.  We provide secure login information for account holders, which allows producers to view their personal policy information and agents to view their entire customer database from anywhere at any time. Other convenient features include the ability to open claims and run quotes without being tied to the office.

Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


It is time to retire handwritten notebooks and cumbersome spreadsheets. With AgKeeper®, tracking revenue, expenses, and production has never been more efficient.  Only available through ARMtech agents, AgKeeper is a mobile farm management app that minimizes paperwork by digitizing, optimizing, and streamlining reporting processes. 

The app centralizes operational data for farming operations, allowing producers to make data-driven, strategic decisions to improve productivity, risk management planning, and profitability.  With AgKeeper’s wide-ranging functionality, producers can track farm operations from dirt to delivery using versatile maps, digital forms, and proprietary workflows. 

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Claim Service

As an underwriter for policies throughout the continental United States, ARMtech’s experience in claim service is exceptional. We have the staff and technology in place to make the claims management process fast, easy, and efficient.

Agents soon learn that ARMtech’s claim service helps retain customers and acquire new ones. We are pleased to have contributed to their success. By offering unmatched technology, providing fast and accurate payment, and maintaining unequaled support for our customers, ARMtech’s claim service will continue to be the most comprehensive in the industry.

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Crop suffering an instance of bad weather where insured would need to file a claim.