Actuarial Information

View and download acturarial information, special provisions, and more from the RMA. 

Premium Changes

Access documents presenting the change in premium from 2019 to 2020 by crop and state.

Revenue Plan Pricing

Find the base price, harvest price, and volatility of any crop and filter by sales closing date, state, and reinsurance year.



Phone, tablet, and desktop computer because ARMtech is happy to help policyholders with any device.
Connect to Support

Use this tool to connect to the ARMtech team, so that we may assist you with AgriNet issues.

Endless circle that exhibits the ability to send and receive files quickly and securely.

Send and receive files from ARMtech over a fast and secure SFTP connection.

Insured sitting at computer accessing the legacy version of AgriNet.

Use the ThinPrint program to connect your computer to the legacy version of AgriNet.

Network symbol with links to connect your iPad to the legacy version of AgriNet.
Remote Desktop for iPad

Use these instructions to connect your Apple iPad to the legacy version of AgriNet.